5 Ways of Handling The Bully in the Workplace

We all strive to be doing something that we LOVE. We all work towards or dream of, a career that we are passionate about, and not just a “job”. However, we are not all so privileged. At the end of the day, “a girl’s gotta eat!”

Being happy in the workplace is difficult, especially when your work doesn’t entail something you desire to do daily. Keeping motivated and inspired is an every-day struggle that most people endure, the last thing one needs is politics and social discrepancies on top of the pressure and stress of a regular workday.

The term “bullying” is almost always associated with high-school society. BUT, bullying is prevalent in so many of our lives and people mistaken this behavior for the way in which they perceive that a boss or a superior should behave. It must be known that: THIS IS NOT OK.

As a working adult, I have seen a woman in a mere operational position behaving as though every single person owes her money. I’ve always tried to take a step back in situations and read the psychology behind a person’s behavior. Everyone in this world is fighting their own battles, but it is so prevalent when one is taking an inner demon out on a colleague, and when it’s actually just one simple word; EGO. Your ego is often the one thing that hurts you in life if you allow it to get in the way. This is essentially what clouds your objectivity and puts YOU in the center of everything.

A bully in the workplace is much more intelligent and strategic than a high school bully. They play mind games. They are manipulative and are not healthy for the business in which they are working, as they only see what is best for them, and not what is best for the company.

If you are being bullied at work, try these 5 strategies:

  1. Be as professional as possible.

Request e-mails only. If the person persists to harass you on What’s App on your personal cell phone, don’t be afraid to block them and tell them that your phone isn’t working properly and could they kindly e-mail you.

  1. Tell your boss!

It is time to “tattle-tale”. (In an adult way.) Request a meeting with your boss or superior. Emphasize not on the specifics, but rather on unprofessional behavior, as such behavior makes the company look bad. Reputation is everything. Say that this person is being rude and not speaking in a manner in which you deserve. Tell them that it’s making your experience at work “not fun”, and this is affecting your competency. If an employee is uncomfortable, they are unable to work in the most positive and efficient way. This means a lot to a business owner. The point you should be making is that this person is affecting the company, never mind your hurt feelings.

  1. Impress them all!

As mentioned, a bully is a bully because they’ve surrendered to their ego. Do something so amazing that everyone at work will compliment and love you for it!

Take initiative and come up with an incredibly creative idea or campaign. Get your creative juices flowing and maybe come up with something fun for the office or your team to do together. Maybe come up with a simple incentive plan. Whatever it is, try and come up with something GREAT that everyone including your boss will praise you for. Watch the bully squirm. 😉

  1. Look how you want to feel.

Start caring more about your looks. Dress WELL. The compliments you’ll receive will raise your confidence and ultimately give you a bit more of a backbone. If you feel beautiful, not much can bother you. In fact, it may intimidate the bully and they may back off a little. However, this step is for YOU. Confidence makes the world of difference in this situation.

  1. Acknowledge this fact of life: Who fucking cares!

Keep reminding yourself that the world is so much larger than your problems at work! Start your day researching inspiring imagery and quotes that make you feel happy! Make a mood board! If there is a holiday coming up, plan something cool for it. Even if you can’t go take a trip somewhere, plan something for a day that you can look forward to, because there is more to life than your office space or cubicle.

I also urge all CEO’s, business owners and HR managers to listen to your staff. If a few people have complained about specific behavior about the same person, get them out of your company. Their toxicity will hurt your business.


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