10 Most Irritating Customer Experiences!

An article for nlighten, a customer experience research, training and development company.


3 Things You Need to Stop Worrying About

Silence your mind and free yourself from external judgment, because most of the time, it doesn’t exist.


Turn Off Autopilot!

When every Sunday exemplifies Monday dread, every Monday is a physical interpretation of sorrow and every Friday afternoon represents temporary freedom, something is broken.


3 Things You Need to Remember When Tackling a BIG Decision.

Fear. It is the only thing that stops us from doing something. If you are reading this, it is probably because you’re meant to be.


When Your Job is Soul-Destroying.

You have to start somewhere. Make the choice. DECIDE that you have had enough and you are now going to actively do something in order to work towards changing your life and ultimately reaching happiness. INVITE the change.


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