3 Things You Need to Stop Worrying About

People love to worry. We expect so much of ourselves and constantly set ourselves up for disappointment, but it’s all in our minds. Freedom from anxiety, at this day and age, is almost impossible, but if you make an effort to change how you think, you may just unlock the happiness you’ve been trapping all this time.

  1. The opinions of people

If you are able to achieve this, you will be a very, very happy individual.

The opinions of other people are what most of our lives are run by. Society dictates our way of life and that IS the opinions of others. Releasing yourself from the attention to these opinions is a mental battle that you need to work through. TODAY.

Start by consciously noticing whether or not you actually care about other people and what they do or look like. You’ll most probably find that… you don’t give a f*ck. Other people most probably feel the exact same way about you and what you do or look like. If you DO receive negative judgment from someone, think about how this opinion affects your life. You will soon also realize, that it actually has absolutely zero impact on your life whatsoever.

Silence your mind and free yourself from external judgment, because most of the time, it doesn’t exist.

  1. Money

If you’re working hard, the money is coming. Earning an income is achievable if you open your mind up to your potential.

If you don’t see the potential, create it. Enroll in something that will establish a career path. An internship program, an online course, shadow a professional. Figure out what you want to do and START IT!

People make things out to be way more difficult than they really are, and perseverance is key. If you give up, of course, you will fail. Persist and keep consistent, and you may succeed! Offer a service that you know you can offer and share it. Don’t be embarrassed or think that you are not good enough. Listen to feedback from family and friends to boost your confidence or point out what you need to change or work on.

Manifestation is a real thing! But you need to take the first step. Focus on the process more than the end result.

  1. The future

Think about 3, 5, 10 years ago. Did you anticipate exactly how everything has worked out for you now? Of course not. What is the point of worrying about things that are not NOW? Do what you have to do today and tomorrow and the future will pan out as it is meant to. Again, focus on the process, not the result.

Be happy today. Be proactive, not to set yourself up for the future, but to set yourself up for permanent happiness from this second onwards.

What’s the point of worrying when: the future is not now, money is around the corner and no one actually gives a sh*t.



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  1. Hi Shansaia. I cannot recall ever thanking you for following my blog. Well this is a belated appreciative comment or maybe I should call it a appreciative belated comment covering the alphabet, first 3 letters of the alphabet anyway, well actually it is thank you. And while I am at it, happy belated birthday (except that I do not have a cooking clue when your birthday is).


    1. Thank you for the message Abrie, and thank you for following mine too! I hope that you enjoyed what you have read 🙂 have a fantastic week further and happy belated birthday to you too! 😛

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