Restaurant Review – Lemon Butta, Willowbridge Mall

On an icy Friday evening, we were invited to wine and dine at the Lemon Butta restaurant in Willowbridge Mall. We were instantly pleased to have entered a room that was so spacious and open yet so warm and welcoming at the same time. The atmosphere was casual with a light buzz allowing for comfort and ease of service. The waiter, Kyle, and manager, Darryl, assisted us and were both so genuine in recommending their specialties and we so welcomed their sincerity.

Once the food arrived we were blown away by the simple and colourful presentation of each dish. Every meal arrived in the perfect amount of time and each plate left us salivating for more – it was difficult to save room for dessert!

We started with the Halloumi Salad that I didn’t have to dress or add salt to, which is unusual for me. They were generous with the halloumi and it was so tasty that we couldn’t help but inhale the entire bowl.

We were then presented with a platter richly decorated with fresh sushi that lit up our eyes and stomachs. The superior levels of quality and wholesomeness left us silent in utter delight; the tuna crunch rolls were perfectly fried and didn’t taste oily or too fishy. They were faultless, and so were the sushi rolls with the salmon tartar on top. We had never tried sushi rolls with vegetable tempura inside, and those were also exceptional!

We were then served a beautiful plate of Kingklip, circled with a vibrant and flavourful variation of salads as well as Lemon Butta’s famous Parmesan chips. The whole dish was absolutely lovely! The fish fell off the bone and the fresh textures of the accompanying chips and salads were so wonderfully harmonious.

Lastly, the dessert; we ordered a chocolate brownie and their halva ice cream, as recommended, and the first thing I told the manager was that I don’t like halva. Darryl asked me to trust him, and I went with it. The flavour was unbelievable, to say the least. The combination of the brownie with the ice cream was also something I would definitely return for.

A recurring question mark for us was how reasonably priced each dish was, especially after experiencing the quality of the food. The experience really was all-round excellent and I hope to see more Lemon Buttas opening up around Cape Town in the future.

I highly recommend this hidden gem. If you’re looking for value for money, something a little different, and heart-warming dishes in an even warmer setting, go out for a NICE dinner at Lemon Butta, Willowbridge Mall.


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