She Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth!

“Prudence was a young lady who used to clean my parent’s home when I was a teenager.

Things went missing all the time and in efforts of uncovering some evidence, my dad and I went into her cottage on our property to have a little… look around.

We found no valuables, but what we did find was a book on her bed, which I decided to open.

To my shock, what was written in that book sounded oddly familiar.

After the first page, I had realised that Prudence had taken my private journal and recomposed parts of my pieces into her own.

I felt guilty, flattered and violated all at the same time!

I had planned to ask her if she wanted help learning English and grammar properly to eventually compose her own pieces someday.

The very next day, Prudence was caught helping herself to some cash red-handed.

By the time I came home from school, she was gone.”



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